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Generation Alpha isn’t kidding around. A child influencer can earn, per post, $100 for every 1,000 followers, and a kid with 500,000 followers can earn $5,000 for a single image, Fast Company estimates. Seems like these 10 influencers are on their way to paying for college.

Ryan, 7

The highest-paid YouTube star, according to Forbes, is Ryan of Ryan ToysReview, who it estimates earned $22 million in the year ending June 2018. He has 17.8 million followers on YouTube, and they watch Ryan tinker with everything from Legos to Disney-branded toys to Play-Doh.

Fashion_Laerta, 8

Mini fashionista Fashion_Laerta has an Instagram following of 1.1 million, and has been featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, according to her page.

Stella Bennett, 8 and Blaise Bennett, 6

The siblings have 67,700 followers on Instagram. Stella has appeared in ads for H&M Kids, Converse and Hershey’s Kisses, among others. Blaise has been in ads for Gap Kids, Zulily, Aldi and more.

Hailey, 7

Hailey’s Magical Playhouse for Kids includes reviews and the unboxing of toys for her 1.5 million YouTube followers. Various news sites have estimated the channel’s earnings at north of $1.5 million.

Ava and Alexis McClure, 5

The twins are masters of marketing: Their YouTube page describes them as « a positive lifestyle brand. » Their channel has 1.1 million subscribers who tune in to watch them debate topics like « Are we arguing? » and « Who’s the boss? » They have 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Coco Pink Princess, 8

Meghan Markle, move over. Coco Pink Princess, who rocks fashions from Tokyo, has 678,000 Instagram followers and was featured in Elle last year. The magazine said she « is very much in charge of her image. She selects from multiple options before a photo is posted and adjusts color balances to her liking. »

Mila Stauffer, 3

At an age when many learn to use the toilet, Mila Stauffer is delivering hilarious video monologues on subjects like motherhood and gym culture. She and her twin sister Emma have 4 million followers on an Instagram account run by their mom, Katie.

Hawkeye Huey, 9

Touted by USA Today as « National Geographic’s youngest photographer, » Hawkeye Huey has been taking pictures since the age of 4 and has 204,000 Instagram followers. The son of Nat Geo shooter Aaron Huey, Hawkeye published his own book of photography in 2016.

The Family Fun Pack, ages 1-11

A half-dozen siblings—Alyssa, David, Zac, Chris, Michael and Owen—form the Family Fun Pack, who have some 7.7 million YouTube subscribers tuning in to watch them cavort in costumes, engage in rainy-day activities and more. The site lists the children’s sizes in case marketers want to send them clothes to feature.

Millie-Belle Diamond, 4

The Aussie model, who has toddled the runway at New York Fashion Week, has some 235,000 followers on Instagram. Her mom, Schye Fox, told the Daily Mail that Millie-Belle’s tastes run more pedestrian. Her daughter « rips off her designer clothes and pops on chainstore clothing the minute we are home or finish a shoot, » she said.

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CORRECTION: an earlier version of this article stated that Ryan of Ryan ToysReview is 8 years old; Ryan is 7.